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Abstract Submission Form 2020

Presentation Format

Presentation Information

A direct yet descriptive title that is a clear reflection of the topic.
A direct yet descriptive title that is a clear reflection of the topic.
This should be 75 words or less describing the content of your presentation. If accepted, this may be used in marketing and program materials.


Your abstract submission should be between 200-500 words (excluding learning objectives and reference list). Please complete each subsection separately, but it should be written so it creates a complete and logical account of your presentation. Subsections include Introduction, Description, Outcomes, and Relevance to Field.
Include details of research methods and design, project/program, or how a new theory or approach was introduced within your practice.
Describe explanation of why your research, project/program, or the introduction of a new theory/approach was initiated.
Explain results of your project, research study, program, or the contribution of the new theory/approach to your practice in the field.
Describe by this presentation is important to those who work for the educational needs of students with medical and mental conditions.

Learning Objectives

State 3-4 objectives would you like attendees to know at the conclusion of your presentation. Each objective should include a measurable outcome and begin with an action verb. Please indicate an approximate outline/timeframe for how each objective will be addressed. For example: "Learning Objective: Attendees will be able to..."
All citations (in-text and reference list) should be in APA format.

Designation of Primary Contact Person

If your presentation includes more than one presenter, please designate a primary contact person. All communication regarding abstract submission and review will be sent to the primary contact. Again, this will not be used during the review process.

Presenter Biographical Information

HEAL uses a blind review process. Identifying information will not be shared with reviewers.

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