COVID-19 Resources

Below you will find resources provided by our members that may help our patients, families, and school partners as we navigate these unprecedented times.

The HEAL Association does not endorse any of these resources, but offer these simply as ideas presented by our colleagues and fellow members.

Professional Development Opportunities
Alt text: Explore high-priority topics related to remote teaching. Create no-tech, low-tech, and high-tech strategies and artifacts. Share questions, resources, and more with a global community. Free to all educators!

The Master of Arts in Educational Technology Program at Michigan State University is honored to support the amazing work that educators are doing around the world as they transition to a range of remote teaching contexts. Our Mini-MOOC on Remote Teaching focuses on high-priority, digestible topics with the intent of applying them to practice tomorrow. Because educators are teaching across a range of remote teaching contexts, we include no-tech, low-tech, and high-tech strategies throughout the experience. For additional information: Click here!

Resources shared during or related to Ed Chats can be found on the Ed Chat page: 2019-2020 Ed Chat Archives