The HEAL Association


The Hospital Educator and Academic Liaison Association (HEAL) is a professional organization that provides resources, education and networking opportunities for its members.  These resources provide opportunities for development and ongoing collaboration among multidisciplinary professionals to support the advancement of educational outcomes.  Here you will find information about:

  • COVID-19
    • A list of resources shared by our members/colleagues for use during the COVID-19 Pandemic.
  • Member Directory
    • Names and other key information about HEAL members
  • EdChat
    • A collection of resources and recordings of past presentations/conversations which occurred during scheduled EdChats
  • Job Postings
    • Our HEAL members can post and view job opportunities that are available nationwide
  • Forums
    • The Forums serve as a message board and conversation thread. The Forums are designed to allow you to exchange ideas, share resources, and engage in dialogue with others in the HEAL Membership community.
  • Guidelines for Building a Hospital School Program
      • A resource to provide professionals a framework when developing hospital school programs to meet the needs of students with medical and mental health needs
  • Practice Recommendations
    • A resource to provide professionals and other organizations with a framework for developing school intervention programs to meet the needs of students with cancer or chronic hematologic disorders

Many of our resources are provided by our members. If you would like to submit a resource (COVID-19 resource, EdChat topic, or job posting) for consideration, please use the button below.