Tentative Conference Schedule – at a glance

Detailed session descriptions coming soon.

(Schedule subject to change)

8:30am Registration Opens and Breakfast
9:00am-12:00pm Board Meeting and Committee Meetings
12:00-1:00pm Lunch and Networking – RSVP required

Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Tour – Group A

Orientation for New Members/Attendees


Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Tour – Group B

Special Interest Groups/Networking Sessions – Some topics may include:

  • Supporting the education of patients with specific diagnoses (i.e. mental health, oncology, rehabilitation, cystic fibrosis, et. al.) 
  • School Liaison tips and tricks
  • Direct Instruction – teaching trends
  • Program Development
  • Obstacles we face
  • Transition Planning – preparing students for college/vocation
  • Other

Welcome Reception and Dinner

  • Cocktail Reception (5:00-6:00pm)
  • Awards Presentation (Nan Songer, Apple, and Bridge Awards)
  • Keynote Speaker – Susan Shelton, MindPeace


(Schedule subject to change)


Registration Opens & Breakfast Available


Welcome and Conference Kick-Off


School Alliances for Children With Chronic and Complex Conditions




Breakout Sessions


Session 1: Exploring Implications of Medical-Educational Collaboration for School Success


Session 2: Supporting the Student with Sickle Cell Disease: Promoting Proactive Planning Through the Use of a Comprehensive School-Based Handbook


Session 3: Executive Dysfunction Interactive Workshop:  Compensatory Strategies and Aides for Supporting Patients with Learning, Behavior, and Attentional Weakness




Breakout Sessions


Session 4: What About Us? The Unique Needs of AYA Patients Age 15-22


Session 5: Interactive Panel Discussion – Navigating Change in Education in the Ever-Evolving Healthcare System? 


Session 6: Assessing the Learning Outcomes of an Innovative Teaching Program Using Chronically Ill Patients’ Experience/Disease as the Springboard for Learning About Science and Math




Poster Session & Vendor Tables


Breakout Sessions


Session 7: The Behavioral Health Transition Initiative: Developing a Transition-Planning Framework for the Return to School from Behavioral Health Hospitalizations


Session 8: Panel Discussion: Exploring the Intersections of Chronicity: School Implications Across a Range of Conditions 


Session 9: Increasing Access to College and Career Support for Patients




Breakout Sessions


Session 10: The Development of an Educational and Vocational Needs Survey for Adults with Childhood-Onset Chronic Health Conditions


Session 11: Key Educational Factors for the Education of Students With a Medical Condition


Session 12: Don’t Just Sit There! DO Something! Increasing Engagement and Critical Thinking During Dialysis

(Schedule subject to change)

7:30-8:30am Breakfast Open
8:00-9:00am HEAL Business Meeting
9:00-9:30am Networking
9:30-10:30am Breakout Sessions
  Session 17: A Strong Volunteer Program Helps Power the Hospital School 
  Session 18: Get Published! The Path to Publication in the New International Journal, Continuity in Education 
  Session 19: Educational Implications for Patients with Neurological Disorders
10:30-10:45am Break
10:45am-12:15pm Closing Session (Lecture and Interactive)
  Navigating Change: What is Your True North, and How Do You Get There?
12:15-12:30pm Evaluations and Adjournment
12:30-1:30pm Boxed Lunch (Eat In or To Go)