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Executive Board Nominations
Promoting Leadership

Executive Board Opportunities

The HEAL Association Nominating Committee is seeking nominations for Executive Board positions.  Are you interested in leadership development and joining the voices in the international conversation about the educational issues of students with medical and mental health needs?  We encourage all members in good standing, regardless of their experience, to explore their potential for leadership.

Serving as a HEAL Association Executive Board member can:

  • *offer increased opportunities for networking at the national level;
  • *enhance your professional prominence at your workplace;
  • *increase your marketability in the profession;
  • *develop your own leadership skills;

…while contributing to the mission and growth of the organization.

Vice President

Vice President.  Two-year term.  Elected on odd years.

The Vice President performs the following duties:

  • *Performs other duties as assigned by the President
  • *Serves in the capacity of President should the current President not be able to fulfill his or her duties
  • *Supplies a monthly report during the Board of Directors meeting

Treasurer. Two-year term.  Elected on odd years.

The Treasurer performs the following duties:

  • *Collects and deposits membership dues in the Corporation’s bank account
  • *Pays bills of the Corporation, while those in excess of $100 are paid following approval from the Board of Directors
  • *Reviews and analyzes the Corporation’s financial status; prepares recommendations for the Board of Directors relative to fiscal policy, procedures, and future plans of the Corporation
  • *Submits all books and financial records for review by a professional or duly appointed committee prior to the annual meeting
  • *Prepares and submits an annual report of the financial standing of the Corporation to the Board of Directors and the members at the annual meeting
  • *Presents a proposed annual budget for the upcoming fiscal year at the summer Board of Directors meeting
  • *Presents proposed annual budget at the annual meeting
  • *Maintains the membership database and online merchant account


Communication/Media Coordinator

The Communication/Media Coordinator performs the following duties:

  • *Oversees, updates, and maintains the Corporation’s website
  • *Supervises the delivery of official Corporation announcements, including, but not limited to, website, newsletter, publications, and updates on social media to the members
  • *Coordinates publicity for the Corporation and shares responsibility for publicizing the annual conference with the conference chairperson
  • *Maintains the Corporation’s official email account
  • *Supplies a monthly report during the Board of Directors meeting
Member at Large

Member at Large.  One-year term, one to three positions, elected annually.

*The Member at Large serves on a committee and performs other duties as assigned

Nominees must be a dues-paying Professional Member of HEAL Association to be eligible for Board positions.

Only dues-paying Professional Members of HEAL Association may nominate (or self-nominate) a member for a Board position.

Nominations will be accepted through April 14, 2023, 11:00pm ET.

Proxy votes will be available April 24-May 4, 2023. All members will be voting via proxy; there will be no voting during the meeting.