Tentative Conference Schedule – at a glance

Detailed session descriptions coming soon.

(Schedule subject to change)



Registration Opens (will remain open all day)

Light Breakfast

9:00am-12:00pm Board Meeting and Existing Committee Meetings (Members of existing committees will use this time to work on existing projects). All are welcome, however conference activities officially start at lunch.
12:00-1:00pm Lunch and Networking – RSVP required

Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Tour – Group A

Orientation for New Members/Attendees


Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Tour – Group B

Special Interest Groups/Networking Sessions – Some topics may include:

  • Supporting the education of patients with specific diagnoses (i.e. mental health, oncology, rehabilitation, cystic fibrosis, et. al.) 
  • School Liaison tips and tricks
  • Direct Instruction – teaching trends
  • Program Development
  • Obstacles we face
  • Transition Planning – preparing students for college/vocation
  • Other

Welcome Reception and Dinner

  • Cocktail Reception (5:00-6:00pm)
  • Awards Presentation (Nan Songer, Apple, and Bridge Awards)
  • Keynote Speaker – Susan Shelton, MindPeace


(Schedule subject to change)

7:30-8:30am Registration Opens & Breakfast Available
8:30-9:00am Welcome and Conference Kick-Off
9:00-10:00am School Alliances for Children With Chronic and Complex Conditions
10:00-10:15am Break
10:15-11:15am Breakout Sessions
  Session 1: Exploring Implications of Medical-Educational Collaboration for School Success
  Session 2: Supporting the Student with Sickle Cell Disease: Promoting Proactive Planning Through the Use of a Comprehensive School-Based Handbook
  Session 3: Executive Dysfunction Interactive Workshop:  Compensatory Strategies and Aides for Supporting Patients with Learning, Behavior, and Attentional Weakness
11:15-11:30am Break
11:30am-12:30pm Breakout Sessions
  Session 4: What About Us? The Unique Needs of AYA Patients Age 15-22
  Session 5: Interactive Panel Discussion – Navigating Change in Education in the Ever-Evolving Healthcare System? 
  Session 6: Assessing the Learning Outcomes of an Innovative Teaching Program Using Chronically Ill Patients’ Experience/Disease as the Springboard for Learning About Science and Math
12:30-1:30pm Lunch
1:00-1:50pm Poster Session & Vendor Tables
2:00-3:00pm Breakout Sessions
  Session 7: The Behavioral Health Transition Initiative: Developing a Transition-Planning Framework for the Return to School from Behavioral Health Hospitalizations
  Session 8: Panel Discussion: Exploring the Intersections of Chronicity: School Implications Across a Range of Conditions 
  Session 9: Increasing Access to College and Career Support for Patients
3:00-3:15pm Break
3:15-4:15pm Breakout Sessions
  Session 10: The Development of an Educational and Vocational Needs Survey for Adults with Childhood-Onset Chronic Health Conditions
  Session 11: Key Educational Factors for the Education of Students With a Medical Condition
  Session 12: Chronic Health Conditions: Implications on Math Education

(Schedule subject to change)

7:30-8:30am Breakfast Open
8:00-9:00am HEAL Business Meeting
9:00-9:30am Networking
9:30-10:30am Breakout Sessions
  Session 17: A Strong Volunteer Program Helps Power the Hospital School 
  Session 18: Get Published! The Path to Publication in the New International Journal, Continuity in Education 
  Session 19: Educational Implications for Patients with Neurological Disorders
10:30-10:45am Break
10:45am-12:15pm Closing Session (Lecture and Interactive)
  Navigating Change: What is Your True North, and How Do You Get There?
12:15-12:30pm Evaluations and Adjournment
12:30-1:30pm Boxed Lunch (Eat In or To Go)